Book Podcast Review

Tracy and I partnered up to talk about Slutwalk: Feminism, Activism & Media for our book review podcast session. I was excited to discuss this book because I have been very interested in feminism even since I was 15 years old. It was also one of Tracy’s top choices for the list of books we had to pick from, so it worked out perfectly! I was happy to work with Tracy, as we have been friends before the assignment began.

Slutwalk arrived on Amazon about a week after I ordered my copy for under $20. After reading around a chapter per week until I finished the book, Tracy and I planned to meet to record the review. We met at the Starbucks on Big Beaver and John R. in Troy. That experience wasn’t the best experience since we ended up staying much longer than I expected. We ended up staying until close. And since it was a slower night for this particular Starbucks, the employees were cleaning up for the night. On top of the random chairs being moved around, the company’s stock truck arrived too at that point! So there were many random, loud noises that distracted us while recording and that I had to edit out later. It ended up being much more difficult to edit! But I enjoyed the audio editing process because I did similar activities in high school (though they were more video-related, not so much audio-only). I edited the audio using Apple’s GarageBand since I am very familiar with the program.

Throughout our podcast, Tracy and I referenced the different SlutWalks throughout different parts of the world, including the Cambridge walk and the Singaporian Walk. I also found another review about the book, which takes more of an academic approach.


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