A Brief History of the United States Libertarian Party #Hive55

Today in class, we were introduced to Timeline Knight Lab, a website that can help internet users create aesthetically pleasing timeline graphics to insert into their HTML-based creations. For today’s assignment, I decided to focus on a topic that I am covering for my final assignment for this class: the Libertarian Party. Though I am specifically focusing on the Michigan party and its members, I’ve decided to briefly cover some major Libertarian events on the national level, including the founding of the party, its growth and its recent record-breaking numbers in the past couple of United States presidential¬†elections. I’ve also included some information on two of its most popular candidates, Dick Randolph and Gary Johnson. (It was fun to discover that Randolph, who was born in the 1930s, is still alive today, selling insurance in Fairbanks, Alaska.)



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