Dress Better.

As someone who has grown up being taught to always look your best, the past decade’s clothing trends have seriously aggrivated me. Athleisure, pajama pants and sweat pants have continued to be popular choices for not only people in my age group, but for the other generations as well.

Are you about to, in the middle of, or just finished working out? If not, resort to clothes that better fit your lifestyle. Are you just running in and out of the store because you lack important medicial supplies to aid yourself back to health? No? Then return to your car and come back wearing actual pants.

Luckily, most people aren’t particular to wearing at least sweats and pajamas out. So this is for the people who I see when I am at a grocery store. Fine, Athleisure is often stylish. But people, they’re often designed for people to work out or do more physical activities in. It’s okay to look stylish while working out…I actually encourage this because I find it more encouraging to actually work out. But if I see you in Athleisure and you have not done any sort of strenious physical activity in the past hour, I’m seeing this as an outfit cop-out.

But I’d rather see someone wear Athleisure than pajama pants or raggity sweat pants. The only exception to wear these kinds of things out in public is when you are unbelievably ill and there is no more sinus congestion medicine in your medicine cabinet. That’s the only time where it’s okay to step out to Kroger’s in your strange, cartoon-themed bottoms. Yes, we can tell when you are not just grabbing things to aid yourself back to health. Most people don’t need a cart-full of things in that moment.

These trends are driven by comfort, which I get. It’s important to feel good in your clothes. But people, there are hundreds and hundreds of different designers and brands out there who design all kinds of different clothes that are stylish and are comfy for many body types and sizes. And you are telling me that there’s nothing that you can find? No way. It takes a Google search to find a style that can make an impression on others without making you feel uncomfortable.

Sure, I often feel tempted to wear sweatpants outside my home, but I remind myself that I have better things to wear. My favorite thing to wear is a stretchy black cotton-based pants that don’t look like sweat or yoga pants, but you get the flexibilty and comfort that you wouldn’t get in a traditional pant. Plus, they’re veristile. I can wear them dressed down with a graphic t-shirt or dressed up with a button down shirt, ready for a productive day at work.

It ultimately just makes a good impression on you. Just think, what if you were caught in a breaking news scenero and the local TV station wanted to interview you live. Wouldn’t you want to look good for the screen and all the viewers who look at you? I wouldn’t want to look less than. And neither should you.



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